Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

* Warranty regulations for Vinahouse Wooden House products

  1. Warranty period:

     All products provided by Vietnam Housing Joint Stock Company offer a 12-month free warranty from the date of delivery and complete installation.

  1. Warranty conditions

We will carry out warranty for all technical problems with manufacturing and installation errors.

Warranty goods must be covered by warranty paper and a receipt proving that the product you are using is provided by Vietnam Housing Joint Stock Company.

For damages such as breakage, damage, deformation, fire damage and other similar cases not covered by the warranty. We are still responsible for repairing but the buyer must pay according to the actual cost of spare parts and accessories, free of cost of labor warrant.

Repair or replace with a new discount at the end of the warranty period.

  1. Warranty deployment time

Within 24-48 hours of receiving the written notice from the customer for the inner city, for the suburbs we will inform in detail the time based on the actual conditions as well as the distance. Geographical location of customers, our warranty officers will be present at the installation location of customers to repair any damage due to production errors, errors of products that do not meet the quality as already given.

  1. Instructions for requesting warranty

You can call the customer care department of the Company to request warranty by phone number: 0235 3949 999 0235 3949 888.

For more information, please contact us:

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Tel :  0235 3949 888-0235 3 949 999 – Hotline : 0905.413.359
Email: info@vinahouse.com


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