Vision – mission

Development orientation of the Company

– Become a pioneer company in the field of restoration, construction and erection of traditional Vietnamese high quality houses.

– Successful construction of bold Vietnamese cultural works, in accordance with investors’ wishes.

– In the future, Vinahouse will develop into a multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary group.


Preserving, restoring and building high quality traditional Vietnamese houses, still deeply characterized by pure Vietnamese culture.

Core values

– Ethnic culture – national spirit,

– Taking Vietnamese culture as a foundation while preserving, promoting and creating,

– Create products of sustainable value,

– Maintaining and developing traditional craft villages,

– Training highly skilled human resources,

– The efficiency of the product is in line with the investor’s wishes.

Cultural value

– Taking ancient space, ancient culture is the focus.

– Preserve and preserve Old houses.

– Contributing to preserving and promoting the national cultural identity.

Policy on natural-environmental protection

– The work of environmental protection is always well implemented by the Company and its employees in accordance with the provisions of the State and the Law.

– The company strictly complies with regulations on purchasing forest products in accordance with the Law on Natural Resources Protection.

– The environmental landscape is always maintained and improved according to the motto: “green, clean, beautiful”.

Meaning of Company Logo

  • Colors: There are 2 colors White and Red
  • Slogan: Restoring Vietnamese House

– White:

+ Beyond the stylized road of the Noc road, Decision of the roof.

+ White shows transparency and prestige in business.

– Red: Show the desire to win. Red represents the color of the tile and the red solidarity of Lac Hong blood, of 54 ethnic groups living together under the Vietnamese roof.

-Image ^ truss of the house symbolizes mountainous ethnic minorities.

-Image ^ the truss of the house symbolizes the plain Kinh Kinh ethnic group.

Shaping the arrow symbolizes sustainable long-term development.


Become a pioneer company in the field of restoration, construction and erection of traditional Ancient houses ...