Company Overview

Foreign transaction name: VINAHOUSE
Main Office Number 1 Le Quy Don, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam
Charter capital: 164,000,000,000 VNĐ (One hundred sixty four billion)
Tax code: 4000391110
Phone number: 02353.713.999 – 02353.535.555     Fax: 02353713999
Slogan Restoring Vietnamese houses
Chairman of the Board of Directors – General Director Mr. Le Van Vinh
Website:         Email:

Development orientation of the Company

– Become a pioneer company in the field of restoration, construction and erection of traditional Vietnamese high quality houses.

– Successful construction of bold Vietnamese cultural works, in accordance with investors’ wishes.

– In the future, Vinahouse will develop into a multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary group.


Preserving, restoring and building high quality traditional Vietnamese houses, still deeply characterized by pure Vietnamese culture.

Core values

– Ethnic culture – national spirit,

– Taking Vietnamese culture as a foundation while preserving, promoting and creating,

– Create products of sustainable value,

– Maintaining and developing traditional craft villages,

– Training highly skilled human resources,

– The efficiency of the product is in line with the investor’s wishes.

Cultural value

– Taking ancient space, ancient culture is the focus.

– Preserve and preserve Old houses.

– Contributing to preserving and promoting the national cultural identity.

Policy on natural-environmental protection

– The work of environmental protection is always well implemented by the Company and its employees in accordance with the provisions of the State and the Law.

– The company strictly complies with regulations on purchasing forest products in accordance with the Law on Natural Resources Protection.

– The environmental landscape is always maintained and improved according to the motto: “green, clean, beautiful”.

Meaning of Company Logo

  • Colors: There are 2 colors White and Red
  • Slogan: Restoring Vietnamese House

– White:

+ Beyond the stylized road of the Noc road, Decision of the roof.

+ White shows transparency and prestige in business.

– Red: Show the desire to win. Red represents the color of the tile and the red solidarity of Lac Hong blood, of 54 ethnic groups living together under the Vietnamese roof.

-Image ^ truss of the house symbolizes mountainous ethnic minorities.

-Image ^ the truss of the house symbolizes the plain Kinh Kinh ethnic group.

Shaping the arrow symbolizes sustainable long-term development.

History begins

The precursor of Vinahouse Company is the Co Quang Vinh restorative factory

Year 1999 When the Old houses were gradually eroded due to the speed of rural urbanization. Mr. Le Van Vinh -People laid the first foundation for Vinahouse with the intention of restoring Ancient houses with the slogan: “Helping Vietnamese people”.
Year 2002 Establishment of Quang Vinh Wood House Private Enterprise. The enterprise has organized restoring ancient houses with cultural values nationwide. Training human resources with a team of highly skilled artisans, expanding production to improve product quality, building a brand to create prestige in the market.
Year 2004 Establishment of Consultants & amp; Quang Vinh Wood House Design. The company has restored and built more than 500 bungalows nationwide and affirmed to be the leading construction and erection unit in Vietnam.
Year 2006 Converted into Vietnam House Joint Stock Company – Vinahouse. Vinahouse has strengthened its cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, its products have been exported to markets such as Australia, USA, Canada, France, Japan, …
Year 2008 Vinahouse invested in building a Vietnamese house museum – a stop between two world cultural heritages: Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary.
Year 2009 – 2010
  • Promote the completion of the project of building a Vietnamese museum area and soon put it into operation at the end of April 2010 to welcome tourists to visit and learn about the Company’s production activities.
  • Actively promote production, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with investors to enhance the reputation and affirm Vinahouse’s brand.


  • Achievement of Vinahouse:

-The company has made outstanding achievements in its work, contributing to the development and socio-economic development, AN-QP in 2005-2008.

– The company has excellent achievements in participating in the Cultural Products Fair Expo 405 years in Thanh Chiem Town Palace.

– The company has excellent achievements to participate in “Tourism Village Street of Thang Long- Hanoi 2008

– Typical trade village trade unit in 2007.

– Received the prize of Vietnam Golden Lotus Cup – Vietnam and international famous brand in 2009.

– Received the prize Super Brand Cup and Sustainable Development in 2009.

  • Personal achievements:

– Vietnam Craft Village Association awarded a certificate: Vietnam craft village artisan to Mr. Le Van Vinh – General Director of the Company.

– The Executive Board of Vietnam Craft Village Association presented a certificate to Mr. Le Van Vinh who is a member of Vietnam Craft Village Association.

– BCH Association of Vietnam Craft Village Association awarded a certificate of handicraft products – 2008 for products Vong Nguyet Housefor Mr.Le Van Vinh.

– Receiving reward Bach Thai Buoiand appellation business man of Vietnam in the 21st century.

  • Newspapers talk about Vinahouse:

* Da Nang Newspaper Police, No. 88 on Tuesday, July 23, 2003, with the title: “Restoring old houses”.

* Vietnam Economic Newspaper, No. 51 dated December 20, 2005, with the title: “Quang VInh send souls to Vietnamese houses”.

* Thanh Nien Newspaper with the title: “Young Boss and Collection”, No. 131 on Thursday, May 11, 2006.

* Saigon marketing Online newspaper, released on September 12, 2006 with the title:“Uncle Hoa Quang Nam”

* Nong Thon newspaper today, No. 196 issued on October 2, 2006 with the title:“The Carpenters ride MAZDA”

* Cong An newspaper Da Nang, No. 209 on Tuesday, September 1, 2009 with the title:“Ancient House now”.  


Become a pioneer company in the field of restoration, construction and erection of traditional Ancient houses ...