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Why is vinahouse?

T“Vinahouse” is the word combining “Vina” - the abbreviation of country name “Vietnam” - and “house”, which representing company’s field of operation. Vinahouse’s desire is to approach the world from a Vietnamese trademark and introduce cultural products to foreign partners.

Along with brand name, logo is designed basing on the Orient cultural quintessence. Vinahouse’s logo simulates house’s roof and the red is symbol of passion and determination. According to Eastern concept, roof represents human along with heaven and earth. Human (or roof) is the subject expressing the great meaning about outlook on life.

- The truss symbol represents ethnic minorities’ houses in mountain area.

- The truss symbol represents houses of Kinh ethnic group in plain area.

- The arrow symbol represents strong and sustainable development.

In addition, the upward arrow represents the constant and full of vitality growth. The white border totally covers the core, pointing to the probity and transparency of business, especially the “virtue” and “heart” – a determinant for sustainable growth.