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History of establishment and development

  • Starting from a small restoring wooden house factory in 1999 established by Mr.Le Van Vinh. Up to now, Vinahouse has hot the achievements and known as the famous brand...

    From an ancient house restoring factory founded by Mr. Le Van Vinh in 1999, Vinahouse currently achieves great successes and is known as the famous brand with high- valued cultural products. Vinahouse’s history of establishment and development can be summarized by following milestones:

    Period 1999-2004:

    * 1999:

    - Starting with Quang Vinh ancient house restoring factory with slogan “Conserving Vietnamese House”.

    * 2002:

    - Establishing Quang Vinh Wooden House Private Enterprise.

    * 2003:

    - Human resource training.

    * 2004:

    - Building Quang Vinh timber processing plant.

  • Establishing Wooden House Quang Vinh Co., Ltd.Constructing and restoring for more than 500 wooden house in the country, starting to build the pioneer position.

    Period 2004 – 2009:

    * 2004:

    - Establishing Quang Vinh Wooden House Co., Ltd.; constructing and restoring for more than 500 wooden houses all over the country, becoming a pioneer in this industry.

    * 2005:

    - Building Vinahouse wooden house producing factory; promoting development on human resources, infrastructure and industrial equipment – machine.

    * 2006:

    - Rename to Vinahouse Corporation – Vinahouse.

    - Building museum and vocational training center as the place to store furniture, artifacts, and ancient patterns.

    - Expanding opportunities to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, stepping up professional & market – oriented brand promoting.

    * 2007:

    - Investing to build Van Ha ancient furniture factory, providing the interior products with traditional style for domestic market.

    * 2008:

    - Estabishing Kim Bong Capentry Company to introduce wooden handicrafts.

    - Building Viettown trademark and establishing Quang Nam Viettown Tourism Company.

  • Researching, designing the new product samples diversity and abundance, combined with modern architecture as the project has successfully applied such as Ba Na Hills resort, The Nam Hai, MoonBay restaurants, Hoa Binh commercial center...

    Period 2009 – 2014:

    * 2009:

    - Use Slogan "Masterpieces for future" to access international market.
    - Research and design new product with diversified samples, combining with contemporary architecture of successful project such as Ba Na Hills Resort, The Nam Hai, MoonBay Restaurant, Hoa Binh Commercial Center...

    * 2010:

    - Successfully construct and restore 1000 wooden houses in domestic and international market.
    - Ground-breaking and building Viettwon Fashion – Art project.

    * 2011:

    - Orienting for professional development of this industry, dividing into 7 member companies with 7 different fields.

    * 2012:

    - Building the quality management system - ISO 9001:2008.
    - Creating new unique products to meet the international market’s demand.
    - Promoting investment on service – tourism field combining with traditional carpentry village.
    - Boosting the progress of Vinahouse House Museum and Viettown rest stop, preparing for the opening on 12th December 2012.
  • 1999
  • 2004
  • 2009
  • 2014
  • Conservating the Vietnamese House
  • Conservating the Vietnamese House
  • Masterpeices for future