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Vinahouse Space, Awarded as the best Rest Stop for Tourists in Viet Nam

  • By: Ngo Dinh Tu
  • Date: 09/07/2015

On July 8th, 2015, the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism of Vietnam celebrated the 55th anniversary of the tourism industry in Vietnam.  On this occasion, they also gave out the 2014 Tourism Awards at the celebration in Hanoi.

These important awards for the Vietnamese tourism industry are given in honor of organizations and enterprises who made great contributions to the development of the industry in Vietnam, and to affirm the position as well as raise public awareness of the importance of the tourism both economically and for international integration.

Vinahouse Space: Architectural Museum, Traditional Craft Center, and Restaurant, having facilities and service more than meeting the criteria of the Ministry, was awarded as the  “Best Rest Stop for Tourists in Vietnam, 2014”.
Vinahouse Space is proud to have been honored with this prestigious award from the Tourism Industry of Vietnam, and will continue to strive to affirm and enhance its quality of service and brand name.

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