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Why do you choose Vinahouse?

Experience from the pioneering

Up to now, Vinahouse has built and restored over 1,500 different traditional houses in domestic and international market. Among these projects, there are many famous works such as Long Thuan Garden House, Trung Nguyen Coffee Village, Bana Hills supermarket, Ancient Hue Restaurant, Ancient Space Flower Garden …

With experienced & professional team of architectures, engineers, painters, craftsmen, Vinahouse has capability to estimate, invest, supervise and manage projects. In addition, Vinahouse annually opens specialized training courses for more than 1,400 employees and skilled workers. Our company commits to create qualified, timely, drawing-conformed works for partners and customers.

The passion in each project

We know that Vinahouse’s current achievements is basing on the enthusiasm and passion of all staff. Moreover, they are also motivation for us to learn and try our best to create new ideas applied for each projects.

"Masterpieces for future" is not only building and restoring ancient houses but also facing with new trends, harmoniously combining traditional style and contemporary architectures for sophisticated & stable projects.

The word "heart" in Business

With current rapid urbanization, much Vietnamese ancient architecture, traditional craft villages have the risks of fading into oblivion and disappearance. This is the reason why Vinahouse is always worried and try our best to preserve and promote traditional culture with the slogan “Preserving Vietnamese House”.

Sending more ideas in this slogan, Vinahouse expects people to be awareness and bring into play the highly valuable tradition of forefathers. You and I - the successors and representatives of future generation - must cooperate together to make the cultural values last forever.